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that anybody in america could come in with an old car and get a bailout themselves. i think it did have an effect. barack obama's approval rating shows him at 58%. he was down as low as 52%. >> are we fickle? let me ask you about this, chuck, you and i are friend. you know i'm a churchhill buff. one of the words of churchhill winning the war against the nazis, he understood that you never get too much expectations ahead of time. he used to say, it is not the beginning of the end but maybe the end of the beginning. anything to reduce expectations so that people would keep their hopes up. i noticed robert gibbs, who seems like a pro at the white house, he said today we still expect 10% unemployment. explain. >> well, here's why. one of the reasons why unemployment went down the labor force in general contracted, so they still don't see how they are going to be creating -- how new jobs are going to get created over the next three, four, five months. that's why they fear that, you know, when you watch this thing and why the overall trend of job loss seems to be going down, they still don't
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this weekend. let's go to joan walsh of salon and ron reagan of air america radio. a little light there of my friend. let me go to you joan and your thoughts on this. it seems to me you must be somewhat sanguine about reading the other side of the ideological argument has been caught with an insider blowing the whistle as loud as i can imagine. the secretary of homeland security himself is saying that in the interests of politics, the people around the table the weekend before the 2004 election were playing politics to get their guy re-elected so they could keep their jobs. >> it's completely believable, and liberals are saying it that summer and they were laughed at, they were mocked. you know, he also admits that they raised the threat level and talked about the great presidency of george bush right after john kerry accepted the nomination in boston that year. so they really did orchestrate -- they used terror to scare people. they used terror to diminish kerry. i remember john kerry had to come out and smack howard dean, who was telling the truth about this that they were politicizing the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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